August 30, 2011

Back-Road Shortcut ... My Arse!

Five Mile Endless View WM P1020436

I endured the ultimate test of patience this evening on my way home from Galway. Stuck for time, I deviated from main roads for a scenic shortcut. Alas, t'was not to be, and only served to add to my journey time and frustration. What else could I do at 10mph and no chance to over-take only take a photo!

Photo: Bringing home the turf - somewhere on the back roads near Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. I blindly poked the compact camera out the window as we cruised along.

August 29, 2011

About Sligo

The Bus Stop WM P1020343
The Pub WM P1020349
About Sligo WM P1020341

A few from a recent visit to Sligo. I'm very fond of this place and although I live close by, don't really make the effort to spend more time here. It's nice to mooch about the streets and look at folk, savour the atmosphere and take a few photos. I have particularly good memories of Hargadon's Pub which used to be famous for it's Guinness, however it wasn't up to scratch on this visit.

Photos: Lumix LX5

August 26, 2011

Storm Clouds over Boyle

Stormy Sky Cornameeltha WM P1020330
I was having a doze yesterday evening after a busy and eventful day when a phone call from a friend alerted me to the transformation taking place in the sky about Boyle. I only had time to take my compact camera with me as I tried to find a good vantage point close to home. I had about 10 minutes to take a few snapshots before the rain arrived. I believe I missed the best of the drama but I'm sure there were plenty of other cameras looking up at this beautiful and intriguing gift of nature.

Photo: LX5 Lumix.

August 23, 2011

A Weekend in August

Barley Field at Roaches Point Cork WM P1020124
Roaches Point at Sunset - Cork WM P1020126
Night Ferry passing Roaches Point - Cork pano REVISITED WM P1020137 copy
Cormorants at Sunset - Rostellan WM P1020054

Here's a few more snapshots from my weekend in Cork. I would use the photos in recent posts to illustrate and reinforce the point that a digital  compact camera is indeed a very powerful photographic instrument. Needless to say, I'm very happy with my Lumix ... no matter what the challenges of light present!

All photos taken with a Lumix LX5 using a variety of Manual and Semi-Automatic/Programme Modes. All are hand-held in difficult lighting situations. Minimal PP in this set.

August 22, 2011

Rambling in Cork

Common Blue Butterfly WM P1020187
Common Blue Butterfly WM P1020217
Common Blue Butterfly 2 WM P1020193
Common Blue Butterfly WM P1020173
We stayed in the beautiful village of Rostellan at the weekend while exploring south-east Cork. Trying to make the most of the few remaining days before the challenges of a new academic year kick-in. Butterflies are not usually my thing, nor is macro photography, however these Common Blue butterflies were a perfect subject to try out the very satisfactory macro function of this Lumix compact camera.

All photos taken with a Lumix LX5

August 15, 2011

Eggleston - A Tribute

Eggleston A Tribute WM P1010960
'Untitled' Boyle, Co. Roscommom.

August 7, 2011

Car Boot Sale - Carrick-on-Shannon

Car Boot Sale

Carrick-on-Shannon Car Boot Sale was originally set up at Supreme Business Park on the Sligo side of Carrick-on-Shannon approximately six years ago. If you have nothing to do after mass on a Sunday morning, then this is the place to come - to buy, to sell or just have a nose about ... if only once in a blue moon. After today's visit, I'll be doing a clear-out of my own attic in the weeks ahead!
We should do a photo shoot here, there are some rare characters about this place:-)

For Enquires and bookings; Contact 087 6277969.

August 6, 2011


Carousel WM P1010881
The earliest known depiction of a carousel is in a Byzantine bas-relief dating to around 500 A.D., which depicts riders in baskets suspended from a central pole. The word carousel originates from the Italian garosello and Spanish carosella ("little battle"), used by crusaders to describe a combat preparation exercise and game played by Turkish and Arabian horsemen in the 12th century. In a sense this early device could be considered a cavalry training mechanism; it prepared and strengthened the riders for actual combat as they wielded their swords at the mock enemies. European Crusaders discovered this device and brought the idea back to their own lands.
The above carousel is situated at Salthill in Galway and is part of the Leisureland Amusement Park.

Carousel WM P1010877

Photos: Lumix LX5

August 2, 2011

Knocknarea - Sligo

Knocknarea Sligo 1st August 2011
Out and about in Sligo at the weekend and caught this very friendly fella on a wall at the bottom of Knocknarea. Shot with a Lumix LX5.