August 31, 2010


On this day in 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, died at the age of 36 in a car crash in Paris.

Lawn Dew copy

We are presently enjoying some fine weather in Ireland which coincides with the kids return to school. Temperatures are promised to reach the low 20s during the week so will make a stab at cutting the lawn ... when the ground hardens a bit ... maybe.

Photo: Lawn Dew, taken this morning. Camera placed on the ground and shooting into the sun, the dew drops generated a very interesting bokeh.
ISO 200. 1/800 @ f/2.8

August 30, 2010

A Good Time for a New Beginning 1/365

On this day in 30 BC, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, committed suicide.

I've not been active on my blog for some time now, I simply felt I had little to contribute in this forum. I'm currently reviewing this and after talking with some of my good friends in the photography world here, have decided to begin a 365 as a way of stealing a moment each day to share a version of what my world looks like photographed.

To distinguish my blog posting from my work in other areas, I will attempt to use an informal style here with an emphasis on snapshot reportage and include content that might be of interest to friends and fellow photographers. I'm not sure that I possess the discipline to make contributions on a daily basis (even though I'm continuously making images) but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm told the process of daily reflection can be therapeutic ... in this day and age, I guess we can all benefit from some of that. Today, Day 1#, I've discarded all previous blog posts and reconstructed this site. I'm very happy with the new Blogger features and I'm kind of looking forward to seeing this site develop and grow.

Photo: Don't you just love the light in petrol station forecourts? I've had it in mind for some time now to record all the petrol stations between Boyle and Dublin as a tribute to the tens of thousands of miles I commute each year to my place of work. Ed Ruscha done it back in 1963 and turned his photographs into Art.
Above shot; ISO 1000. Hand-held 1/25 @ f/4.

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