December 31, 2011

Fox Hunt Display about Boyle

The Hunt 96 TMP 0627
The Hunt 96 TMP 0734
The Gathering 96 TMP 0710
I'm not in the least sympathetic to the activity of Fox Hunting in this country but the spectacle of riders and dogs is something I've seldom witnessed. On this occasion, the 'display' was in aid of a worthy local cause.
More photos HERE.

December 30, 2011

Streedagh - Co. Sligo

Sae Grass at Streedagh Co. Sligo TMP 0792
Streedagh - Sligo P1030950

Location scouting. A very windy day on the west coast of Ireland, but a very dramatic and beautiful place, definitely worthy of a visit in the near future.

Photos: Top - D300 & bottom - Lumix LX5

December 23, 2011

Andy Irvine - Musician

Andy Irvine - TM2_5666

ANDY IRVINE is one of the great Irish singers, his voice one of a handful of truly great ones that gets to the very soul of Ireland. He has been hailed as "a tradition in himself".
This shot was taken during the Boyle Arts Festival in July when Andy played alongside fellow musicians, Patrick Street. Impossible low-light environment and I couldn't get within 50 metres of the stage.

December 20, 2011

Ted Maughan - Tinsmith. Heritage Day at the Ballina Salmon Festival 2011

Ted Maughan - Tinsmith 96 P1010425
The Ridge Pool Ballina 96 TM2 4123
The Ridge Pool, Ballina - Salmon Weir 2011

Photos: Top - Lumix LX5. Bottom - D300s

December 19, 2011

Townend near Troutbeck on Wendermere

Townend near Troutbeck on Wendermere P1000731

The Brownes of Townend were just an ordinary farming family, but their home, Townend House, and belongings bring to life more than 400 years of extraordinary stories. It's easy to understand why Beatrix Potter described Troutbeck Valley as her favourite when you see the traditional stone and slate farmhouses and barns. This shed by the side of the road is a short walk from the main house. I sat on the wall a while taking it all in, it's nothing like the Irish countryside, this place has a well cultivated almost manicured beauty to it. Yet it has the rustic charm of an ancient landscape, coupled with the summer sunshine, it was easy to let the mind wander.
Here's a LINK to a shot of Townend House taken a few years ago on a previous visit to this area.

Townend Barn 2 96 P1000735
Townend Barn 96 P1000743

All photos: Lumix LX5

Western Belle Ferry on Ullswater Lake in Cumbria

Western Belle Ferry at Glenridding, Ullswater Lake - Cumbria P1000766

Many regard Ullswater as the most beautiful of the English lakes. It is a typical Lake District narrow "ribbon lake" formed after the last ice age when a glacier scooped out the valley floor and when the glacier retreated, the deepened section filled with meltwater which became a lake.
Ullswater 'Steamers' offer trips around the lake calling at Pooley Bridge, Glenridding and Howtown. The 'Steamers' were originally working boats which from the 1850s moved mail, workers and goods to and from the Greenside lead mine at Glenridding, which closed in 1962. The boats are now powered by diesel. People often catch the 'Steamer' from Glenridding to Howtown and then return on foot along the lake shore to complete one of the most popular and scenic low-level walks in the Lake District.

Troutbeck River near Windermere 96 P1000817
Evening Light - Troutbeck River near Windermere

Photos: Lumix LX5

Moore Street - Dublin

Moore Street Dublin 96 P1000262
No Photography 96 P1000240

Shot from-the-hip on a compact camera street photography workshop during the summer. I've accumulated a lot of images from these events which I've not reviewed until now. Must say, I'm enjoying looking back at my year's work and all the images that have yet to see the light of day.

Photo: LX5

December 16, 2011

Stradbally - Co. Laois

Stradbally Co Laois P1030727 WM

Photo: Lumix LX5

December 10, 2011

Santa Lays It Down!

Santa Talk TM2 7044

The Murphy Children meet the Big Man in Red for a pet-talk in the run up to Christmas. Photo taken during the 'Culchie Christmas Visit to Dublin' otherwise known as the 8th December. A great oul day and Santa was such a pet too.

December 9, 2011

Sandycove - Co. Dublin

Sandycove Dublin TM2 6997

A bitterly cold winter morning on the East coast. I'm standing precariously in my 'Sunday shoes' on slippy rocks looking over at Howth Head from Sandycove - a drop into about 20' of water to my right. It's windy too but the sea is relatively calm ... and there's no cloud ... sun in the wrong place, typical, can't loose the shadow ... crap conditions for this kind of shot! Damn it, I'm here anyway ... just take the shot.

Does anyone hate the cast from Lee filters? I'm having serious issues with my new filter kit! On a serious learning curve here folks.

December 8, 2011

Lough Owel - Co. Westmeath

Lough Owel Co. Westmeath TM2 7001.jpg

I watched the sun set on the horizon from the Mullingar by-pass as I raced to the lake. The light has potential, I thought to myself ... there's nothing in the sky! It's windy though, very windy ... there will be detail in the water? I took a chance. It took 6 minutes ... then I was back in the car. I was disappointed, but I took the chance ... and it was fun!
I remember a birthday, probably 1990 ... we pitched a ridge-tent on the hill, there was nobody to be seen. We woke after dawn and swam in cold clear water. I'm sure there was an extra storey on that diving platform back then?

December 3, 2011

Meditations on Journey Making 016

Video shot on a Panasonic Lumix LX5 compact camera.