November 20, 2011

Mullaghmore - Co Sligo

Mullaghmore Sligo TMP 0109

Not a great day for taking photos, the light on the west coast was flat and colourless. The constant salt-water spray on the incoming tide made it difficult to use filters effectively. This is a single frame exposure using a combination of Lee 10-stop and 2-stop ND soft grad filters. ISO 100. 2-minutes @ f/10

November 1, 2011

BOYLE TM Weekend Extravaganza

BOYLE TM 2011 - 52 photos

This weekend saw the launch of BOYLE TOWN & MORE, an initiative designed to promote the businesses and amenities of the Boyle area. Over the three day period, locals and visitors enjoyed a variety of fun activities from an extensive list. Well done to the organisers and participants, for a thoroughly enjoyable and hugely impressive event.

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