August 30, 2013

Summer 2013 - Worth Remembering

Inis Oírr TMP_0681 

It was a dull and misty beginning but on the evening of the 5th, the clouds parted before sunset and the sky stayed clear for the next three weeks. God knows, we all deserved it!!

Memories of a memorable Summer.

August 25, 2013

Boyle Summer Show 2013

Boyle Summer Show TMP_3238

Well done to the organisers, contributors and participants at Boyle Summer Show. The rain stayed away and despite the All-Ireland Semi-Finals (go on Mayo!!) they came in their droves to support it. An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable day out for the family.

Boyle Summer Show TMP_3244

August 17, 2013

St. Caomhán's Church - Inis Oirr

St. Caomhán's Church - Inis Oírr

St. Caomhán was brother to the great St. Kevin and it is not without interest that the ground plan of this church is so similar to that of Trinity Church at Kevin's Glendalough. The church probably dates to the 10th century and is presently sunken in a mound of sand blown across the island over the years. There are a couple of interesting features to the church, notably a relief carving of a crucifixion scene behind the alter (see below) and the portals of the main doorway. In the foreground is a small structure marking the supposed resting place of St. Caomhán. This is Inis Oírr's cemetery to this day, in fact I witnessed a burial here during my stay. The site gives a striking view of the harbour area and in the distance, Inis Meáin and Inis Mór are clearly visible.

Photo: 8-frame panoramic stitch in PS.

August 10, 2013

Costello Memorial Chapel, Carrick-on-Shannon

Costello Memorial Chapel - Carrick-on-Shannon
Costello Memorial Chapel Carrick-on-Shannon Co. Leitrim - Test

A 10-frame composite image (using a 10mm wide-angle lens) of this famous landmark in Carrick-on-Shannon. Individual frames are low resolution JPEGs, shot in landscape format, top to bottom. Hand-held with SB 910 mounted on camera @ 1/16. Making the most of a 60-second slot between visitors, I'd like to return to this space to do a better job next time, in an attempt to take more of the side walls and floor. It's difficult to get the space to yourself though ... all part of the challenge I guess. I'll be attempting a high resolution version now that I have worked out the best way to process the merge.

August 6, 2013

A Portrait in Stone - Barry Feely

I had the pleasure of recording Barry during his recent presentation at Boyle Arts Festival.