February 19, 2013

Blue-Hour in Boyle

Boyle Station at Dusk IMG_2007

After the train departed yesterday evening, I popped the G1X on the hand-rail of the link-bridge to stabilise this 3-second 'Blue-Hour' exposure.

February 6, 2013

Rest in Peace, Ned Delahunty.

LX5 Test Drive 2

I posted the above image a couple of years ago after purchasing a Lumix compact camera. Snapped on Thomas St. Dublin, the gentleman on the right was known to me only by sight but everyone in the Liberties knew him. A few days ago I learned of his passing and was informed his name was Ned Delahunty, he was 83. Ned was one of many homeless men living on the streets of Dublin and he lived for many years in the doorway pictured below. When I took the photo of his doorway, this is what I said; "Every day I'm in Dublin, my drive down OB St. coincides with the waking of one of it's street residents. I've not spoke to him, don't know his name but from a distance, I've admired his dignity and resilience. This is his home. In this time of hardship, it's people like the man that sleeps in this doorway that make me appreciate my good fortune. If you sleep in a bed, have a roof over your head and a fridge to put your milk and cheese in ... then you are better-off than 75% of the people in the world."

Oliver Bond St. Dublin
RIP John IMG 1947
Ned's doorway at the moment with flowers and cards left by locals and others.

February 2, 2013

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Museum Belfast TMP_3396
Titanic Museum Belfast TMP_3402 

Absolutely! One of the most visually engaging pieces of architecture produced in Ireland recently ... and a benchmark for museum curation of the future.

Titanic Belfast