January 24, 2012

St. Augustine and St. John's Church - Side Chapel P1030478

After the weekend BCC Shoot in Roscommon, I am still in 'church interiors' mode. Founded in 1874, St. Augustine and St. John's RC Church is in the heart of Liberties Dublin and right beside my place of work. I was out for lunch today and detoured inside to check the light. This is a very beautiful but dark church, particularly gloomy today and challenging for any decent DSLR. However, on this occasion I had only my Lumix LX5 in my pocket and no tripod ... still, I decided to have a go. This scene is to the left of the main alter and is illuminated with an assortment of artificial lights and candles making it difficult to assess white balance. Kneeling in front against the marble rails, I held the camera fast against a brass handrail and used the self-timer to fire the 2.5-second, single exposure. I think the Lumix done a fairly decent job of it under the circumstances.
I intend to return shortly with some proper gear for a more thorough exploration.

Photo: Lumix LX5 Exif Data