March 14, 2011

197/365 Rebirth

On this day in 1932, George Eastman, the founder of the Kodak company, committed suicide.


It’s been many weeks (33 days) since I temporarily abandoned my commitment to this blog, however, like the promise of a warm Summer, I hope to return. It is unlikely that my contributions will be daily but I’ll do my best, I’ve already resigned myself to forking out for dinner at the end of this 365 period (my 6 co-blog conspirators will know what this means!). It’s been an interesting interlude for me, I’m still working, taking pictures and traveling. The country has seen changes, but I’m not getting into that now. It’s a bright morning and a time to be optimistic, I hope this finds faithful followers well.

Photo: Taken during a recent trip to Italy, not a photographic excursion but sometimes it’s hard to resist. I had no tripod here, I simply placed the camera on an overflowing rubbish bin and used the self-timer. Rome is a stunning city but (for me) not the most visually interesting at night, there is an abundance of yellow halogen lights that contaminate the atmosphere and low cloud cover. This can play havoc with white-balance issues, but I wasn’t overly concerned, I’d been to Rome previously and taken all the predictable photos of the landmark architectural features. This is simply one of the few photos I managed to take.
ISO 100. 25 second exposure @ f/8.