May 26, 2011

Forest Fire in Cornameeltha

Forest Fire Cornameeltha
For many years I've been very content living pretty much in the middle of a modest hardwood forest on the side of the Curlew Mountains. These past two years however, have shattered whatever romantic illusion I harboured of a peaceful and tranquil existence here. April is fast becoming the month of fire here in Ireland and those living in close proximity to woodland are particularly vulnerable. For the second year in a row, the forestry about my home has come close, too close to threatening flames. We are lucky to have very vigilant neighbours and an efficient and dedicated fire service, but often when pitched against the roaring flames of a woodland fire, in the absence of a local water supply, there is limitations to what can be done. The shot above was taken during a forest fire beside my home this year, the jumping flames and dancing sparks were a sight to behold but for the mercy of the prevailing winds, that ensemble of fire-fighting vehicles would be at my front door!
Forest Fire Cornameeltha 2
A view down the driveway looking across the road to the fire that burns through the forestry beyond.