May 20, 2011

Inishbofin Harbour

Inishbofin Harbour
The 'Blue Hour' is a very special time of the day, particularly for strobist photographers. However, the location and subject matter are very important. It's not without it's challenges, metering can be problematic as the light can change dramatically in a matter of minutes ... even seconds. I must say, I love this kind of challenge though and would encourage others to give it a go. A tripod is essential, a remote shutter release is useful too and while you're at it, bring some gloves and a hip-flask (provided you don't have to drive of course!).

Photo: This shot was taken during a walk on Inishbofin at the weekend, the shot I was hunting for didn't happen so I headed for home. Initially I wasn't bothered about it as the light was fading fast, and I didn't think the scene terribly interesting. In fact, compositionally, it wouldn't stand up to criticism but I think the light is noteworthy, if only as a sample.
Single exposure. 17-55mm lens. ISO 100. 13 seconds @ f/8.

You may notice that my 365 has ceased to be, I just found it impossible to meet the demands of daily posts and must admit defeat. However, I intend to keep the blog going with the intention of making 'almost' daily posts whenever I can.