June 12, 2011

Gallery of Photography - Dublin

National Photographic Archive from Gallery of Photography
Graduates from Dublin Institute of Technology are currently having their annual show at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, Dublin. I visited the show on Friday. As always, it's worth look to see the direction the landscape of Irish photography is taking. While there, I took this shot through the window which looks out on what used to be a very nice square that led to the National Photographic Archive. At the moment, as you can see, it is very much an archaeological excavation.
Archaeologists uncovered a Viking settlement, on what was once an island in here. Two Viking homes were found during excavations at Meeting House Square in advance of building work at the site. It is believed the settlement was built on an island in the River Poddle in the 10th or 11th century before it was destroyed by flood waters. A number of pottery artefacts from a later date have also been discovered during the dig, which began in late April this year. Four large retractable umbrellas are to be built at the site for shelter during outdoor events. The dig is expected to last six weeks.