September 19, 2011

Inniscrone, Co. Sligo

Cliff Baths Inniscrone  WM P1020800

I visited the small seaside town of Inniscrone, Co. Sligo over the weekend for the purpose of examining this spot for some location work next weekend. It was very wet and windy and I'm thinking it will be challenging in the absence of some relatively calm weather. This is a really beautiful spot. In my childhood, my parents regularly made the short 7-mile trip from Ballina with a car full of screaming kids during sunny summer Sundays. Summers were a lot warmer then ... and felt a lot longer too! Inniscrone hasn't changed that much, apart from the wholesale building of holiday homes, it still has a lot of it's old charm. The Cliff Baths was always a building that looked out of place here. I was never inside it, as a child I could never figure out why people would come to the seaside and go into a place with no windows to take a bath! This little fairytale castle was built in 1850 by the Orme family, the local landlords, and has withstood the forces of the Atlantic Ocean for over 150 years now. It's been closed for quite a while, replaced by a more modern bath house just down the road.

Cliff Baths Inniscrone  WM P1020761

Another shot from the visit HERE.

Photo: Taken with a Lumix LX5.