December 19, 2011

Townend near Troutbeck on Wendermere

Townend near Troutbeck on Wendermere P1000731

The Brownes of Townend were just an ordinary farming family, but their home, Townend House, and belongings bring to life more than 400 years of extraordinary stories. It's easy to understand why Beatrix Potter described Troutbeck Valley as her favourite when you see the traditional stone and slate farmhouses and barns. This shed by the side of the road is a short walk from the main house. I sat on the wall a while taking it all in, it's nothing like the Irish countryside, this place has a well cultivated almost manicured beauty to it. Yet it has the rustic charm of an ancient landscape, coupled with the summer sunshine, it was easy to let the mind wander.
Here's a LINK to a shot of Townend House taken a few years ago on a previous visit to this area.

Townend Barn 2 96 P1000735
Townend Barn 96 P1000743

All photos: Lumix LX5