October 17, 2012

October in Prague

Fast Food Vendor - Prague TM8_1721 

I had very little opportunity to photograph this beautiful city during my recent visit to Prague and was limited to grabbing low-light evening photos. On my final day I was rushing to find locations to take advantage of the 'Blue Hour' light, this was a hand-held test shot taken in advance of setting up the tripod for longer, bracketed exposures. It's the only one I took to measure the light using a shutter speed of 1/100 which froze motion (subsequently all the other long exposures blurred the busy, moving crowds).
Although it worked very well as a colour shot, I could see the BW potential which gives a vintage feel to the scene. I'm sorry now I didn't take more of these. The food vendors were one of the attractions for me as they were like beacons on what are mostly dark, poorly lit streets. Same location as previous shot but 25 minutes earlier ... the clock tells the story. Goes to show how long I was hanging about this spot.

Photo: ISO 800. 1/100 @ f/2.8
Prague TM8_1800