May 25, 2013

Hot Air Balloons Return to Lough Key Forest Park

Balloons at Lough Key Forest Park TMP_7875 Balloons at Lough Key Forest Park TMP_7906

The hot-air balloons returned to Lough Key Forest Park this evening after an absence of some 20-years! The weather was beautiful, if a bit on the cold side, but the sky was blue which put us all in a festive Summer mood. This was an unscheduled test flight in advance of the morning and evening flights due to take place on Saturday and Sunday ... weather permitting. It was quite something seeing the balloons up close and what's involved in getting them in the air. Fantastic as they are, there's no way I'd be able to climb into one of those baskets and take to the air. I believe the privilege is available over the weekend at a cost of €180.00?