August 17, 2013

St. Caomhán's Church - Inis Oirr

St. Caomhán's Church - Inis Oírr

St. Caomhán was brother to the great St. Kevin and it is not without interest that the ground plan of this church is so similar to that of Trinity Church at Kevin's Glendalough. The church probably dates to the 10th century and is presently sunken in a mound of sand blown across the island over the years. There are a couple of interesting features to the church, notably a relief carving of a crucifixion scene behind the alter (see below) and the portals of the main doorway. In the foreground is a small structure marking the supposed resting place of St. Caomhán. This is Inis Oírr's cemetery to this day, in fact I witnessed a burial here during my stay. The site gives a striking view of the harbour area and in the distance, Inis Meáin and Inis Mór are clearly visible.

Photo: 8-frame panoramic stitch in PS.