September 27, 2010


On this day in 1864, Jesse James' Gang surprise attack train: 150 killed.

Boyle Bridge St

Students returned to college today, major buzz about the campus and the weather was good to-boot.
I've heard rumours that October will be dry, if so, it will be perfect for night photography. I took this test shot tonight for the Boyle at Night set I mentioned earlier in the blog. I'm thinking of a shot from this view-point but need to catch it with some light in the sky so as to silhouette the rooftops. I'm thinking that pre-dawn will be better than evening at this time of year. I'm still scouting for locations in the area at this stage, not having taken too many I would be entirely happy with just yet.

Photo: Test Shot - No attempt to disguise blown highlights, lens flare or light contamination in this single frame. Heavy Tripod used here. This is another 10-shot, in-camera multiple exposure. Lens - 17-55mm @ 38mm. IS0 100. Each shot 10 seconds @ f/11. Post-processing done in ARC, adjustment to White Balance and Contrast and slight tweaking using HSL.

If interested in this kind of photography, check out Blake Gordon's NIGHT WALKS.