October 10, 2010


On this day in 1997, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, opened to the public. Architect Frank Gehry designed the 450 ft. long and 98 ft. wide building.


Memory or emotion can often be prompted by something of a non-visual nature. Sometimes, an event can be recorded in a poignant way with an image that is lacking in clarity of detail, that is not composed in a conventional way, that photographically - is poor in quality. While giving a lecture this week on the subject of Aperture and Shutter-Speed, I found myself kneeling on the floor with students gathered about so as to view the leaf mechanics of a prime lens. Lens attached to the camera, I inadvertently shot off a couple of frames, not focused or composed ... and this was one of them. In-camera, the colours were mute and I was reminded of the work of Robert Capa on Normandy for some reason. I felt the camera had captured a moment in time, pretty much of it's own accord and I was compelled to give it a voice.

Photo: Straight off camera to Silver Efex pro and filtered through a high-grain film using the default settings. ISO 200. 1 second exposure @ f/5