October 11, 2010


On this day in 2001, The Polaroid Corporation filed for federal bankruptcy protection.

Coco Popped

Because of the nature of this blog, I'm getting a chance to present work that normally would have remained unpublished and dormant. Public responses are mixed to say the least, some viewers find this snapshot approach refreshing, others are more vocal in their criticism regarding my 'diminishing ability' to discern between the mundane and the downright boring! My apologies to you all if you are one of the latter group, no offence taken by-the-way. This is pretty much a learning blog ... not for you but for me! I'm trying to rediscover a freshness I've felt absent for some time in my work and if viewers get something from following my journey, that's a bonus. Also I'm trying to adapt to the fact that I have a lot less time to devote to post-production and formal presentation, I'm spending minimal time in Photoshop and depending more and more on getting the shot in-camera. I'm sure this phase will run it's course and I'll be cured in time, but for the moment I'm thinking differently about photography. There are some very fine artists using photography about at the moment whose work I'm drawn to, notably Tom Hunter and Lieko Shiga. So many ways to look at and respond to the world we live in.

Photo: Coco, the family cat having breakfast. A simple BW conversion in Silver Efex Pro and some good old-fashioned colour popping. ISO 200. 1/100 @ f/6.3