November 27, 2010


On this day in 1967, The Beatles release "Magical Mystery Tour".

Dublin Dockland - Weigh-In

Another of the four shots taken last Tuesday night in Dublin. I was intrigued by this metal structure which traffic must pass through on the way to The O2 (The Point) from Customs Quay. I'm thinking it's some kind of device for weighing trucks and the like but I could be wrong, feel free to set me straight on this.

Photo: This is a double exposure bracketed shot. The first shot was a matrix exposure for the full scene followed by a +2 stop to tease detail from the shadows. I have refined my bracketing technique, usually I'd take a set of 5 with two stops under and over the main exposure. I found that most of the time I was able to get what I needed from two or three frames, so now I'm much more economic in my bracketing.
I have a tripod that can extend to 6.5 feet, useful here to compensate for lens distortion on verticals. In-camera, the result was pretty good but I did have to do a little work in PS with Perspective Transform.
Lens; 17-55mm. ISO 100. 10 and 15 second exposures @ f/11.