December 2, 2010


On this day in 1804, Napoleon was crowned emperor of France at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

Heading Home

Once again, my work has prohibited me from regular updates. Despite the fabulous snow scenes on the Eastern part of Ireland right now, I've had no desire to record any ... particularly since it's rumoured that this weather could persist until February! So I'll have plenty of time then. Besides, I've seen plenty of images contributed by the many Dublin photographers who are doing a great job at recording this unprecedented event. I've braved the road to the capital four times this week, insane for sure, but considering the current economic situation in Ireland, I feel lucky to have a job to go to, and as long as I have my health ... I'll be making the trip. This journey is not for the weak-hearted or nervous driver, it really is very dangerous on the roads at the moment, I've seen dozens of accidents and there is no shortage of abandoned cars ... stay at home if you can.

Photo: Grab shot using 'live-view' with camera on the dash. ISO 640. 1/200 @ f/6.3

Oliver Bond Street Dublin
View down Oliver Bond Street, Dublin, this afternoon.