June 18, 2011

LX5 Test Drive - RAW

LX5 Test Drive 2
Random street shot taken with the LX5 while walking. If you are using PS5, you'll discover that it's necessary to download and install the most current plug-in for Adobe Camera RAW (6.4.1). This will enable CS5 to read the Panasonic RW2 Raw file format. I must say, I was very surprised with the quality of the captured image which was not very impressive when viewed on the camera's LCD display. Rightly or wrongly, apart from the upgraded sensor in the LX5, I feel the modest pixel count of 10 mega-pixels, is a definite advantage. Interestingly, the race to cram more pixels into the sensors of compact and bridge cameras seems to be at an end and manufacturers are putting greater emphasis on enhancing the sensors ability to capture light in the most challenging environments - places where the compact camera currently cannot compete with a digital SLR. The LX5 is a vast improvement on my Canon G9 in this regard although I am aware that Canon have been active in sensor upgrades of which the current G12 is the beneficiary. Not going to harp on about this but I like the feel of the LX5 and it is fully loaded with a lot of creative shooting modes that are visually appealing. In the weeks ahead, I might deal with some of these in more detail here. For now, I hope you all have a good weekend. T

LX5 Test Drive 3