July 18, 2011

World's Biggest Glitter Ball

Glitter Ball Blackpool

Until recently, Blackpool held the record for the highest rollercoaster in Europe, and now it holds the record for the world’s largest rotating glitter ball. Located on the South Shore sculptural development, the glitter ball is visible for miles around from the air, and gives an amazing light show on the pavement around it. With the slightly curious name, “They Shoot Horses Don’t They”, after a 1960s film and song by a Welsh group called 'Racing Cars'. The ball was designed by artist Michael Trainor and commissioned by the Manchester-based Art Department.

The revolving artwork, featuring 46,500 mirrors, is a permanent fixture on the resort's South Promenade.
The glitterball beat a 2.4m-diameter ball in a Los Angeles nightclub to the world record.
When installed, the artist said: "Hopefully it will be seen as a new icon for Blackpool and the region, and is probably the shiniest artwork in the world (obviously never heard of Anish Kapoor!). "Every second of every day the mirrored facets give a different view of the environment - sea, sky, traffic, trams and promenaders all wrapped up in one mesmorising, moving image."

The glitterball was officially switched on in 2002 by Baron Isherwood, the North West Development Agency Director of Regeneration.

Photo: 'Shite-light' they call it. Taken just before dawn at 4.20 am. July 8th. I should have stayed in bed!! ISO 100. 4 second exposure @ f/10. A lot of noise about nothing if you ask me!! In case you haven't twigged it yet, Blackpool is the 'ballroom' capital of England and the dancing that goes on in the 'Tower' is a pretty serious affair. The Tower is currently closed to the public for long overdue renovations but will reopen in the Autumn to coincided with the annual 'Illuminations' season. Wouldn't mind being there for that!
ps; photos of the Tower later.