July 17, 2011

Light and Rain

Blackpool 101

I've been neglecting this space for a while but once again, I'm returning with some new work and hope to have a productive Summer too.
The above shot was taken recently during a trip to England. The seaside town of Blackpool on a mid-week, wet evening was an interesting and challenging subject. I spent about two hours walking about in the rain looking for combinations of street-lights and reflections. This type of shot has made me see the value of investing in a decent umbrella. Here's another one taken from the left of the frame.

Just to remind new visitors to this blog, this is a personal photo diary, the images here are very much 'snapshots' from my wanderings. Images receive very little PP and are visual sketches only. Feel free to comment but don't be offended when comments are not published. My gratitude to regular visitors, I'm glad you have the interest to return and comment so frequently. T