September 23, 2011

Cahir Castle - Co. Tipperary

Cahir Castle P1020917

Cahir Castle is an imposing structure built between the 13th & 15th century. It was designed by Conor O’Brien to be a state-of-the-art defensive castle, appearing to grow from the actual rock on which it stands, the castle has been the scene of sieges and bombardments for centuries.
The powerful Anglo-Norman family, the Butlers, came into the possession of the castle in 1375. It fell to Devereux, Earl of Essex, in 1599 after it had been battered for three days with artillery; it surrendered without a fight to Inchiquin in 1647; and again to Cromwell in 1650.
Over the centuries the Butlers considerably rebuilt and extended their stronghold. However, by 1599, the castle had reached its present appearance, with the only subsequent alterations taking place in the 1840s.
In 1961, the last Lord Cahir died and the castle reverted to the State. The castle retains its impressive keep, tower and much of its original defensive structure.

Roadside Poppies P1020920

There are still plenty of poppies to be seen along the roads of the Irish countryside. Outside Cahir, I stopped to take in the view and found these bright and colourful fellows.

Photos: Lumix LX5