September 23, 2011

'Down Around' - Tramore, Co. Waterford

Down Around - Tramore P1020864

Recent weeks have seen a lot of mileage clocked up. From Milford at the tip of Donegal to Tramore in Waterford, it's been a busy time. Unfortunately, the weather and light this September has not worked in my favour. Perhaps it's a case of 'wrong place - wrong time'? None the less, it's been an adventure and I've recorded it as best I could with my point-and -shot. When I arrived at Tramore on Wednesday, I was anxious to identify a location for a low-light shoot that evening but the weather turned nasty and motivation flagged. There were gale force winds blowing on the prom when I took this shot, I couldn't keep the lens on the camera clean due to the heavy mist coming in from the sea and it was difficult to stand steady. Salt water mist is a devil to shift from a lens, it reminds me of a sugar and water solution - very sticky!
I've been informed that the locals call the area about the prom 'down around', thus the title to this post. I would have loved to spend more time here but 10-minutes after I took this shot, the rain came ... and continued for the rest of the day. So I headed to Cork and spent a very enjoyable evening with good friends instead. Thanks E & L for a great oul evening:-)

Tramore P1020848
Tramore, Co. Waterford P1020874
Tramore P1020850

All photos; Lumix LX5