October 5, 2010


On this day 1962, The Beatles release their 1st record "Love Me Do".

Ted Maughan Tinsmith 03

I've not done much black and white in a while but pulled this one out today when I came across the fine copper vessel I bought from Ted Maughan a few months ago. In fact, that's it in the photo. Ted recycled an old copper water tank and forged a variety of utensils from it while I watched on. I was so impressed with the mans skill, I bought the artefact and now use it as a flower pot.

Photo: Taken at the Ballina Salmon Festival 2010. Nikon SB 800 used for Fill-flash (here I'm guessing, but for these kind of shots, I always use flash in manual mode at 1/32 and adjust exposure accordingly). Lens; 17-55mm @ 38mm. ISO 100. 1/125 @ f/5