October 6, 2010


On this day in 1889, Paris, the Moulin Rouge opened its doors to the public for the first time.

Round-About Longford

Three circuits of the round-about on the N4 Longford by-pass. This is one from a current project I'm working on in an attempt to be productive with my time. I will be adding to the series in the coming weeks on the DRIVE-BY page. The series is called Drive-By, studies of motion and light. The colour and effects of movement are not enhanced.

Photo: Before dawn. Camera on tripod, fixed on passenger seat in a moving car. Window is open and a cable release is used to fire a sequence of 10 frames. Camera is set to Aperture Priority and the Multiple Exposure setting activated so that the 10 frames will marry as one when last frame is captured. Because of the semi-automatic setting, the exposure times vary from between one and five seconds. It took 3-laps of the round-about on the by-pass to get this blend, needless to say, the greatest of care was taken when driving; both hands were on the wheel and eyes firmly fixed to the road.
ISO 200. Aperture set at f/5.6